It was a somewhat unusual life path that led me to become a therapist. Born in 1973 in the canton of Jura, it was my passion for aviation that first attracted me to Zurich where I had the chance to make a career at the airport in various passenger services.

I discovered craniosacral therapy as a client in 1998. I was so impressed by the remarkable effects of this gentle therapy that I quickly decided to give a new direction to my professional life. The idea of being able to help other people has always been close to my heart, which is why I trained for 3 years to become a Craniosacral Therapist. 

As a complementary therapist with a federal diploma for the craniosacral therapy method, I am a certified member of the ASCA and EMR associations as well as of CranioSuisse.

I am looking forward to meeting you.




My way to therapist

2020             – Faszien und Cranio, Ellen Grösser Düsseldorf / Cranio-Zentrum Zumikon

2017             – Befreiung der Schulter, Steve Haines London / Da-Sein Institut Winterthur

2017             – Umgang mit Dissoziation, Steve Haines London / Da-Sein Institut Winterthur

2017             – Viszerale Dynamik, Alf Nurnus Freiburg / Cranio-Zentrum Zumikon

2015             – Biodynamische Praxis mit Babies, Familie und Kindern, Corina Ciocarelli Cranio-Zentrum Zumikon

2014             – Herz und Zirkulation, Michael J. Shea Miami / Almut Althaus in Badenweiler

2014             – Ethmoid und Notochord, Steve Haines London / Da-Sein Institut Winterthur

2013             – Primäre Respiration und Flüssigkeitskörper, Michael J. Shea Miami / Almut Althaus in Badenweiler

2012             – Quanten Heilung, Alexandre Urbach Rehetobel

2012             – Migränebehandlung, Jeannine Trachsel / Colorado Institut Zürich

2012             – Integration Nervensystem, Stephen Althaus / Schule für Körpertherapie Zürich

2012             – Die Hirnnerven, Katherine Ukleja London / Da-Sein Institut Winterthur

2010             – Babies und Ihre Familie in der Praxis, Rosmaire Zimmerli / Schule für Körpertherapie

2011             – Diplomarbeit zum Thema Tinnitus

2007 – 2008 – Lehrgang Schulmedizin (154 Std) / Schule für Körpertherapie Zürich

2006 – 2010 – Ausbildung zum Craniosarcal Therapeut / Schule für Körpertherapie Zürich

Frank Boillat

Thérapeute complémentaire avec certificat de branche OrTra-TC

Leehaldenweg 30c  –  8153 Rümlang

— Bäderstrasse 21 – 5400 Baden (on Wednesday)

Tél. 079 626 06 82




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